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To celebrate my seventieth birthday I’m writing and posting long overdue thank you notes to seventy of those writers who inspired and shaped my own writing. My mother insisted I write such a note to anybody who gave me so much as a Tootsie Roll, and over the decades I’ve continued to express my appreciation in writing for the many presents and kindnesses I’ve received. But I’ve neglected to thank writers, generous souls who’ve given me some of my most cherished gifts.

A number of these beloved benefactors now live only on the pages of their books, but no matter. I’ll write to them anyway and hope that in some authorial afterlife free of deadlines, rejections, soul-stealing day jobs, and disparaging reviews, my muses will read of my appreciation. As for those authors who still walk and write among us, Google Alert will lead them here.

To readers, writers, writing teachers, and friends who find your way to this blog, I hope my thank-yous revive memories of books you’ve enjoyed and maybe even prompt you to reread one or two or try an author you’ve overlooked, and perhaps you’ll be moved to thank a few writers yourself. Do it and post your own notes here! You may lead the rest of us to a new and rewarding reading experience.

23 responses to “About My Blog

  1. Annette Hollander

    I want to subscribe, but when I hit the link “Sign me up” the page is blank. Help! What do I do now?

    I wasn’t so crazy about Portnoy but your essay gives me new appreciation of what I missed and what a prudish teenager I was.

  2. Mazel Tov on 70……..this is brilliant and I am so happy to read your writing again!
    Be well and be bad……………..

  3. Ricki Koppel

    Happy Birthday!!!! Wow…very ambitious to thank 70 authors. Wonder if any of them (who are still alive) will read their thank you notes?

    Looking forward to the next 69 notes!!


    • Thanks for the birthday wishes, Rikki! Good question. I suspect that many of the authors who are still alive have Google Alert cue them whenever their name appears on-line. But will they respond? Who knows? Not everybody’s mom was as fanatic about thank-yous as mine was, so some writers won’t thank me for my thank-yous. But others very well might. It will be interesting to see.

  4. So good to know you’re still rocking. Happy 70th this August! What a wonderful, Jane-y way to celebrate. Hate to be trite in such a literary environment, but it must be said: letter follows.

  5. debbalee

    A belated reply, but I just saw your post: If you didn’t figure it out already, you need to enter your e-address in the blank box above the “sign me up!” button.

  6. Happy birthday. I seem to remember it has already passed. Still, hope you have many more. I don’t know that I will ever write for publication-other than a private anthology that I have written for before but I know that I have to write for my own sanity- in my journal and then I put a little fiction to it to fill in what I would LIKE to have happen to keep me on balance. I can’t seem to write straight fiction or non fiction. I do know that I have enjoyed your Bel books and am looking forward to the next book you have in the works.
    Happy writing.

  7. Hi Jane,
    I came over after my blogging buddy at happykidshappymom (ie Melissa) told me about you and your fascinating blog.
    Have you heard from any of the writers?

  8. brucearthurs

    Just stumbled across your blog this evening. I really enjoyed your opening remark to John Updike (“I first encountered your work in The New Yorker in the early Sixties, but I got married anyway.”); may I quote it elsewhere?

    Your mysteries sound interesting; I’ll see if I can get ahold of them.

    Hope you are recovering well from the fractures.

  9. Molly Anderson

    I just finished reading The Bones and the Book. I couldn’t get anything else done while reading it, including, reading the book for my book club , which is due tomorrow! Oh, well, my fellow readers will have to listen to me pontificate about my new “favorite author”. This book will definitely be on our list for next year. Since we are in the Bellevue, WA area, any chance you would come to our meeting?
    Molly Anderson (nee Hoberman) from Millburn, New Jersey , born in Hudson County at Margaret Hague Maternity Hospital in 1944.

    • Molly Anderson

      Sounds great. We set our calendar for the following year at our December meeting. I will let you know when we will read “The Bones and the Book”. This is flexible if you want to choose the month according to your schedule. Just let me know.

  10. Hi Jane Your writing messages to those that inspired you was very touching. It made me look inside and ponder why I write. Thanks for a great blog and I wish you all the best.

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