Dear Blog Readers,

Portland, Oregon radio host Ed Goldberg interviewed me about The Bones and the Book for Author! Author! and here’s the link:

Ed’s a very skilled interviewer, so it was fun chatting with him.

I’m working hard on a new book now, so I post blogs less frequently, but you’ll see another note to a muse soon.


Jane Isenberg


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4 responses to “Dear Blog Readers,

  1. Hubert & Susan Babinski

    You are amazing. and giving me some tiny bit of increased push to publish! Love, Susan


  2. Congratulations, Jane! What wonderful news! I will listen when I get a quiet moment. I am so happy for you — it was a great book. And I’m glad to hear you’re hard at work on another, I look forward to reading that one as well!

  3. Thanks, Melissa, high priase from a wonderful writer! And thanks, too, for your good wishes on my current work in (slow)progress.

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