Dear Blog Readers,

My Cervical Collar

My Cervical Collar

I promised to resume posting notes to my muses in January when I finished promoting The Bones and the Book, so what happened?  Would you believe me if I told you I broke my neck? I did. Early on the morning of November 29, I fell and fractured two cervical vertebrae. Since then I’ve been wearing a neck brace designed by the guy who dreamed up the costumes for Star Wars.

This mishap did more than scare the hell out of me; it interrupted my efforts to promote The Bones and the Book.  It also prevented me from typing more than a line or two even after my daughter jerry-rigged the monitor to accommodate my immobile head. After a few minutes at the keyboard and mouse, my right shoulder and back felt as if an elephant was sitting on them. But I’m feeling a lot better now. And I can type a little longer without a visit from the elephant.

 Sitting Elephant

Sitting Elephant

While my fingers have been idle and my bones knitting, I’ve met new muses/authors and revisited old ones, and you can expect a note to one of them soon. Meanwhile, thanks for your patience and your interest.


Jane Isenberg



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15 responses to “Dear Blog Readers,

  1. Claudia Gary

    Oh Jane, such sad news! I will definitely keep you in my prayers! How frightening for you, Phil, and all of your family. I hope everyone is giving you lots of TLC, and you will mend quickly. As I’ve gotten older, I also dread ‘the fall’. Please stay vertical, unless it’s nap or bed time. I hope to see you this Summer. I’m planning on heading to the NW sometime in July.

    Love and prayers, Claudia

    • Claudia, Delightd to ehar you’re heading this way again come summer. Everybody’s been taking very good care of me and I’m almost better. Intend to stay vertical from now on! Thanks for your good wishes.

  2. Hubert & Susan Babinski

    So glad life is returning more to normal. whatever that means. We love you and are so excited about your book! You were right not to give up! Love and hugs, Susan and Hubert


  3. amy trimarco

    OMG, Jane! Nothing makes you fall old…no, older, than a fall! Please take care of yourself; go slow; and keep the unwanted visiting elephant at bay. Best to you and Phil. Hugs, Amy and Richard

  4. I’m so happy you are on the mend. I wish someone had gotten you a voice recognition program — it types as you speak! Love.

    • People suggested it, but I couldn’t face learning yet another program, Tina! WP takes most of my energy. But if my condition had been permanent . . . we do what we have to do, right? Thanks for thinking of me.

  5. Fran Corriveau

    Swift recovery and lots of white light, prayers and general woo-woo.

  6. Annette Hollander

    That collar in the photo looks a lot like a skull. It’s a good thing you’re a mystery writer, so you’re not spooked.

    Recover soon so you can continue to promote your marvelous book!
    Long distance hugs—-Annette

    • My cervical collar is so creepy looking that little kids become wide-eyed when they see it for the first time. But it seems to be doing the job, so who cares what it looks like, right? I just tell the bug-eyed kids that “I’m not nearly as scary as I look.” Am back to promoting now, collar and all. Thanks for hugs and good wishes, Annette.

  7. Jaymie Chernoff

    Jane, I enjoy following your muses and have been inspired to recall some of mine. I know you as full of energy, wisdom and humor and am sure these will see you through. This will pass! And inspire another book perhaps. Best wishes from Mexico at this moment, but usually Amherst.

    Jaymie Chernoff

    • Delighted to hear from you, Jaymie, and that you enjoy my blog and are, I hope, enjoying Mexico. I have begun to research another book, so, you’re right, my time away from this infernal machine has not been wasted. Thanks for your reassuring words and good wishes.

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