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Dear Blog Readers,

My Cervical Collar

My Cervical Collar

I promised to resume posting notes to my muses in January when I finished promoting The Bones and the Book, so what happened?  Would you believe me if I told you I broke my neck? I did. Early on the morning of November 29, I fell and fractured two cervical vertebrae. Since then I’ve been wearing a neck brace designed by the guy who dreamed up the costumes for Star Wars.

This mishap did more than scare the hell out of me; it interrupted my efforts to promote The Bones and the Book.  It also prevented me from typing more than a line or two even after my daughter jerry-rigged the monitor to accommodate my immobile head. After a few minutes at the keyboard and mouse, my right shoulder and back felt as if an elephant was sitting on them. But I’m feeling a lot better now. And I can type a little longer without a visit from the elephant.

 Sitting Elephant

Sitting Elephant

While my fingers have been idle and my bones knitting, I’ve met new muses/authors and revisited old ones, and you can expect a note to one of them soon. Meanwhile, thanks for your patience and your interest.


Jane Isenberg



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