Dear Blog Readers,

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Just a year ago I began posting thank-you notes to 70 authors who inspired me to write as a way of celebrating my 70th birthday and I’m really glad I did. Selecting an author to thank is like ordering from an extensive menu at a fine restaurant without regard to cost, nutritional or caloric content, or carbon footprint. This is very liberating to a woman whose reading material was chosen first by parents, then teachers, and then, when she became a teacher and a writer, by curricular constraints or the demands of research. I love choosing what there is about a particular book that nourishes my creativity, my own craft.  What I make out of a book is also influenced by my personal experiences, so when I write to an author, I reflect on what was going on in my life when I read her or his book. Blogging enables me to shape and share these selections and reflections with you and to consider your insightful responses sent via email and comments on the blog site.

Who knew blogging would be so rewarding? I began this birthday blog because psychologists insist learning something new staves off dementia so

Dinosaur Reading

I figured mastering WordPress might stop me from stashing the chocolate gelato over the sink with the Brillo. Also back in 2010, bloggers were cool and hip, and I thought if I blogged, my kids and grand kids would think I was cool and hip rather than Jurassic. Finally, having finished The Bones and the Book, I wasn’t ready to undertake another novel, but I wanted to keep writing, to have readers. And maybe those same readers would read The Bones and the Book when it comes out. Well, I’m still misplacing things and my kids still think I’m prehistoric, and The Bones and the Book won’t be out until October, but I just love writing to authors and blogging for you. So thanks for following Notes to My Muses!  See you in May.


Jane Isenberg



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4 responses to “Dear Blog Readers,

  1. Jane – your letters to your favorite authors have nourished my own creativity and craft too! I have learned so much from your insights into the methods used by these writers to create great works of fiction. And you have also inspired me to re-read many of my own favorite books with a new perspective. Thank you!

  2. Jane, has it been a year? Wow! I am so glad to have shared so many of your stories, and read your thoughts and opinions on your muses. And been introduced to your Bel Barrett books — which are great! I cannot wait for The Bones and the Book to come out. I am sure I will love it.

    How interesting to hear that your reading choices were made for you for so many years. I never looked at it that way, as I gained reading freedom at a very young age. It’s such a gift, to give yourself. And one I can tell you truly treasure.

    Here’s to another great year!

    • I got to choose a few books along the way, Melissa, but the problem was that after I read all the ones I had to read AND read my students’ writing, I had little time or energy left to read much more. I enjoyed reading my students’ work most of the time, but responding to it constructively took ages!

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